Girl’s Camp Service Project Idea: Service Pass-along Cards

This year our ward decided to create “Random Act of Kindness” pass-along cards for our Girl’s Camp service project (required for certification). We had each young woman can take as many cards as she wanted and her act(s) of kindness could be as big or small as she chose. The idea is that each time a girl performs an act of kindness, she’ll check off a box on one of these cards and leave it for the person on the receiving end of the service to find. The hope is that the person who finds the card will “pay it forward” and check another box off by performing an act of kindness (and so on, and so on).

Our stake’s camp is this week, and we will “finish the service project” at camp by having the girls bear their testimonies about their experiences while we are there at camp.

You are more than welcome to download a copy of the high-resolution printable Random Act of Kindness pass-along cards we used! The zipped file also includes a PSD file if you would like to modify it (change out the fonts, etc). I conveniently designed these cards to match the Girl’s Camp Gear Checklist and Girl’s Camp Certification Punch Cards also available for download on this site, but of course these aren’t just limited to camp – you can use them for whatever you want! :)

Here is a web-res preview of the file:
(the downloadable file at the bottom is high-resolution and ideal for printing!)

Click here to download:

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  1. Jessica says:

    I love this idea. How did it go?

  2. I just did a google search for “random acts of kindness” in preparation for a YW lesson on service, and I loved this printable! Then I laughed when I saw that it was from another Mormon. :) Thanks for sharing it!

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