Girl’s Camp Gear Checklist & Certification Punch Cards

I was called to be the Girl’s Camp Director of our ward this year, and I thought it would be fun to make the girls certification punch cards! Since I haven’t served with the Young Women prior to this, they’ll serve as name tags as an added bonus. I’m terrible with names! I even designed the girls’ “personal gear checklist” to match, and I’d love to share them with you! :)

The illustrations used on these files came from Melonheadz LDS Illustrating (be sure to check her out – she’s got TONS of free and adorable girl’s camp illustrations for you to snag that match my files perfectly!).

I ordered the lanyards and 4×6 sleeves from USA Lanyards. Their stuff is super cheap, and I was impressed with the quality and quick shipping. (No, I wasn’t paid to say that – but maybe I should suggest it to them! ;)

The punch cards include all the certification requirements (and even the optional ones), and they’re listed in the same order as the official Girl’s Camp Manual.

The fonts used on these files are Chauncy Fatty (the bolder font used for the headlines) and Pea Angedawn (for the rest).

Here are previews of the files:

This downloadable zipped file contains: 1 Girl’s Camp Gear Checklist in JPEG format and 1 Girl’s Camp Certification Punch Card for each of the 5 years. The zipped file also contains editable PSD files for the checklist and punch cards, so you can personalize and customize them to your liking. :)

Click here to download:

Download (13068)


  1. Thanks for the idea AND the psd files! I am only in charge of the 1st years this year, and we will love having this easy way to keep track of what’s been completed.

  2. My computer is not letting me open the zip file. Is there any way that you can send me the punch out cards? :)

  3. I’d really like to use these but the file doesn’t seem to be working. Like Larina, would you mind emailing them to me or do you have another suggestion of how I could download them? I have photoshop but it’s CS3. Is that the problem? THANKS! They’re brilliant!

  4. Justine Wheeler says:

    I cannot get these to download. They are so cute. I’d love to be able to use them this year.

  5. What is the font that you used for the checklist and certification? I am trying to edit it with our details for the list. Each layer has been changed from a text layer to an uneditable layer. Any tips?


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