July 2012 Visiting Teaching Message Printable

This month’s visiting teaching message is Demonstrating Our Discipleship through Love and Service. I’ve created a free 8.5×11 printable that you can take around to your ladies (it’d be even cuter in a picture frame from the dollar store!). Click on the “Download” button at the bottom of the post for a high-resolution image that is ideal for printing. Enjoy! :)

Primary 2 Lesson 23 | Jesus Christ Is the Good Shepherd

Tomorrow my lesson for my CTR 5 class is Lesson 23: Jesus Christ Is the Good Shepherd. Part of the lesson preparation included preparing the following (I took the liberty of making a cuter sheep). High-resolution graphics ideal for printing can be downloaded at the bottom of the post!

Girl’s Camp Service Project Idea: Service Pass-along Cards

This year our ward decided to create “Random Act of Kindness” pass-along cards for our Girl’s Camp service project (required for certification). We had each young woman can take as many cards as she wanted and her act(s) of kindness could be as big or small as she chose. The idea is that each time a girl performs an act of kindness, she’ll check off a box on one of these cards and leave it for the person on the receiving end of the service to find. The hope is that the person who finds the card will “pay it forward” and check another box off by performing an act of kindness (and so on, and so on).

Our stake’s camp is this week, and we will “finish the service project” at camp by having the girls bear their testimonies about their experiences while we are there at camp.

Primary 2 Lesson 23 | Printable Treasure Chest

I teach the CTR 5 Primary class in my ward, and I created this printable treasure chest to go along with Lesson 20: The Teachings of Jesus Christ Are a Great Treasure (Primary 2: Choose the Right A).

A section of the lesson reads: “To play the game, read the following descriptions of incidents in the life of Jesus Christ and ask the accompanying questions one at a time. Have the children raise their hands when they know the answer to a question. Toss a beanbag or other soft object to a child who has a hand raised and ask the child to answer the question. Give each child an opportunity to answer at least one question.”

Instead of tossing a beanbag, I printed off several jewels and numbered them 1 – 5 to correspond with the 5 main questions listed under the “game” section of the lesson and let each child pick a gem from the treasure chest (this was a big hit!). I didn’t have many students in my class that day so 5 jewels was enough, but you can always print more jewels and use them for the sub-points as well if you have a larger group of children.

Girl’s Camp Gear Checklist & Certification Punch Cards

I was called to be the Girl’s Camp Director of our ward this year, and I thought it would be fun to make the girls certification punch cards! Since I haven’t served with the Young Women prior to this, they’ll serve as name tags as an added bonus. I’m terrible with names! I even designed the girls’ “personal gear checklist” to match, and I’d love to share them with you! :)